Catania 11-Note Electric Kalimba

Jan 20 2015 - we just got FOUR of these in.

This is a great new 11-Note two octave pentatonic kalimba from Steve Catania - with an electronic pickup. It comes in G major and G minor. Check out this video:

Catania Electric 11-Note Pentatonic Kalimba in action.

Pentatonic Kalimba Instructional Aids: There are two books available for the pentatonic kalimba. Our first book, Playing the Pentatonic Kalimba, is full of patterns and shows you lots of tricks to help you improvise and write music for the pentatonic kalimba. Our second book, co-written with Kathryn Rambo, is the Pentatonic Kalimba Songbook which includes 33 arrangements of 29 songs in both tablature and staff notation.. Both books come with a CD. And when you purchase a pentatonic kalimba, the books are available at half price.

Catania 11-Note Electric Kalimba
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